Rev’s Armour Werx enjoys the challenge of creating custom works of arts for customers.

Our skilled craftsmen can bring your concepts to creation. All that is required is

a sketch, or a detailed description of your ideas.

Rev’s Armour Werx will not copy another craftsman’s, shop, or production pattern.

However, we will help develop a custom, one of a kind piece based on your desires.

Handle of Custom Heavy Leather Flogger.jpg
Inside of Man Purse.jpg
Leather Product Shots 071.jpg
Open Man Purse.jpg
Print 027.jpg
Trish's Custom Backdraw.jpg
Tip of Custom Flogger.jpg
Print 031.jpg
Print 030.jpg
Print 029.jpg
Print 028.jpg
Articulated Bracers Top.jpg
Articulated Bracers Side.jpg
Articulated Bracers Bottom.jpg
Worn War Shield.JPG
Work Pouch1.jpg
Work Pouch 2.jpg
Edge of Man Purse.jpg
Custom Heavy Leather Flogger.jpg
Custom Bracer with Knife.JPG
Custom Boot Refurb.jpg
Closed Man Purse.jpg
Close up of Trish's Backdraw.jpg



Before mankind was ever able to work and form metals, animal hides were used to protect themselves from the harsh elements and predators.


Rev and his Leather Elves take pride in this age long craft. Most of the work is still done as our ancient ancestors did, with a hammer and hand tools.


This technique allows every piece to have its own unique character. Tooling, dies, and even leather textures vary in every piece.


There is no mass production, only mass creativity! 

We love what we do!

Rev Adjusting Belt for customer at TRF.jpg
Rev Tooling Leather Rose.jpg
Making Centaur Parts.jpg
Rev making custom Scabbard at TRF.jpg
Dying Leather Pieces in Shop.jpg
Rev making custom product at TRF.jpg
Troy in Leather Shop.jpg
Roman Armor laid out.JPG
Rev w. Roman Armour.JPG
Cut Pieces to Roman Armour.jpg


Use this simple tool to create your armour.


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